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      Sapphire substrate

      Fujian Jingan Optoelectronic Co.Ltd. purchased a series of sophisticated imported equipments from cutting to inspection which formatting the abilities of large-scale production at sapphire substrate. Excellent substrate quality and stable supply capabilit

      Sapphire Ingots

      Jing’an introduces highly theoretical basis, well experienced production and management teams, and adopts the latest automatic equipment with highly matured kyropoulos method (KY method) to achieve highly stable, world leading rod rate for all scales of s

      Pattern sapphire substrates

      2", 4" pattern sapphire substrates.

      Jing’an’s PSS team members are from Taiwan and Korea. Our engineers cooperate very well with our customers and we have developed high uniformity, high brightness patterned sapphire substrate.

      Sapphire filament support

      Sapphire filament stent is made of polished, polished, cut and annealed sapphire material. It can be widely used in LED candle lamp and bulb lamp production.

      • The frame has excellent thermal conductivity.Frame can withstands high temperatures of 2050 ℃ and has excellent thermal conductivity  without any deformation or fracture.
      • The filament can significantly improve the brightness. The filament scaffolds’ transmittance is can up to 85% after polishing, checking which far more than other materials. 
      • Sapphire filament support has strong strength and very small. Sapphire Mohs hardness is 9. For example, this type can support compressive load up to 150g,so the volume can be made very small than other materials.
      • The lamp life is longer than others. LED chip sapphire substrate and sapphire filaments’ physical performance consistency is high, can greatly increase the lamp life.

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